Bathroom Vanities

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Models of Bathroom Vanities

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Developed in collaboration with professional planners, we have the best bathroom design collection with which you can plan your bathroom like a professional.

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The particularly flexible bathroom collection offers an almost endless variety of models, ranging from different washbasin variants, and handwashbasins to shower trays, baths and water-saving toilets.

bathroom vanities models in nj

With superbly built open storage options in vanities, you need not hide your bath essentials. With well-designed and stylish vanities that includes open and closed storage space, you can exhibit all that you want to and hide that you don’t want to

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Single people become couples and couples become parents – life never stands still. That's why it's wonderful to have different ways to adapt to every situation that life throws at us.

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Stone, on which this collection was modelled, radiates durability and strength. Pure Stone brings this energy into your home and transforms the bathroom into a personal heaven of calm and inspiration.

best bathroom vanities in New Jersey

A vanity with an attached mirror can make your bathroom look grand and extra spacious. Select one with an exquisite frame or still better or you can cover the whole wall with one big eye catchy mirror.